Meetings With The ELL Coordinator

Because my cooperating teacher (CT) has a high amount of ELLs in her English classes, the ELL coordinator at this school pushes into my CT’s classroom a lot. Once a week (usually more), my CT and the ELL Coordinator have 30 minute meetings to discuss what is happening in the class and how they can support each other. It is really great to see that there is a lot of collaboration going on in the school; this really shows that every teacher is dedicated to the success of every student.

I have been fortunate enough to sit in on these meetings with my CT. This has been a great experience for me as it shows me what exactly an ELL teacher plans before pushing into a classroom. This weeks meeting was incredibly interesting as the content that was discusses in the meeting related directly to what we were talking about in class just the day before. We were learning about using audio recordings in order to support ELLS and their growth. One ELL student in my CT class, lets call her Sarah, has been having problems with her work in class. At first, the teachers thought she might be having difficulties because she is a language learner, but after a closer look the teachers think she might have some learning disabilities as well. One of the ways the teachers decided to gather further data to see if their hypothesis was correct, was to record the student in his regular classroom. They did this to see if the student has any trouble socially, as well as with school work. If the teachers notice any issues communicating with other students, or any other sign of a learning disability in the videos, then they can move forward and support this student with both her ELL needs, and with her disability.


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